Feeling life has more to offer and yet you get stuck in the same cycle each time? You deserve to create vibrant relationships, healthier habits, a joyful career and much more! 

Read below to discover how coaching can help you.

When you know there’s more to life…

Do you find your life going in circles? Perhaps you’ve been in the same job for too long, or you have discovered your new job is similar to the last one. Perhaps your relationships are becoming mundane? Or you simply want to feel what it’s like to live life again…!

In short… it’s time to set yourself free.

Live the life you’ve always wanted to live

You deserve to live your best life! And we all know that that journey comes with ups and downs. 

In other words…

It’s time to live and explore life!


Start exploring life with an experienced guide…

Stepping into a full and free life has its challenges. There can be the fear of the unknown. We often hold ourselves back because of our past experiences. Often using excuses or behaviour that limits moving forward.

This is where an experienced coach can help.

As a coach I walk the journey of creating more freedom, joy and meaning together with you.

We take small steps along the below process.


Set a micro goal





“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

~Wayne Dyer

What our clients say

During the coaching I found myself laser focused on what wasn’t working and what would work. To this day, Maarten’s words “just do one” rings loud in my ear when I feel overwhelmed.
Maarten is an very engaging facilitator and has the capability to bring out the best from you. He is extremely patient and a good listener thereby making sure we all can collaborate and have result driven outcomes.
Maarten is an artist in directing you to find your own solutions. I wish to thank Maarten for introducing me to the life enriching experience of coaching.
The Netherlands
What I appreciated most was Maarten’s way of questioning that showed me how different situations can be perceived if viewed from a different, supporting, nourishing and joyful perspective.

About our founder and coach

In the mid 80’s, I must have been about 8 years old, I was an insecure boy. To protect myself from being bullied, I avoided most situations that would potentially hurt me, which in turn made my self esteem drop to rock bottom level. But deep inside, I knew I had to learn to stand up for myself.

What followed was a life long (mostly unconscious) learning about what makes me who I am and what gives me the courage to live life to the max. In this journey I had to learn and let go of relationships, drop my ego, after hitting hard walls and work harder on being the person I want to be (even when nobody’s watching).

I know first hand how hard this journey can be, and how beneficial it is to have people on your side to accompany you on the journey. It’s has always been my journey but the support of others have made the journey easier to understand and navigate.

My journey is always aimed at finding freedom within me as well as outside of me. The journey within is guided by my own observations, dedication to daily practises. The outside journey is stimulated by activities that make me feel free, such as travelling, cycling and rollerblading.

I look forward to discover what ultimate freedom means to you.

Maarten van Rijn (CPCC)

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